Rosyth (Port of Rosyth)

DFDS Seaways operate ferry services to Zeebrugge from the Port of Rosyth, Scotland.

The terminal at Rosyth is subject to the following timetable:

Opening Hours
Monday 06:00-18:00
Tuesday 06:00-20:00
Wednesday 06:00-18:00
Thursday 06:00- 23:59
Friday 06:00-18:00
Saturday 08:00-12:00
Sunday 08:00-12:00

Latest check-in times

  • Driver accompanied transport:1 hour prior to departure
  • Unaccompanied transport: 1 hours prior to departure 
  • Hazardous cargo: 2 hours prior to departure


Shipment of hazardous goods.

  • All vehicles shipping with hazardous goods must be pre-advaised