Karlshamn (The port of Karlshamn)

DFDS Seaways sail from the port of Karlshamn to Kiel, Klaipeda & St. Petersburg.

The teminal at Karlshamn is located right in the middle of the port of Karlshamn and is easy to reach with any kind of vehicle including heavy, large and/or oversized unit(s).

The terminal is open for reloading(s),and port handling by stevedores, weekdays from 07.00-16.00. Last unit for handling/reloading should pass the gate latest at 15.30 in order to secure handling until 16.00 when work is terminated.

Waybill instructions and export documentation (applicable for non EU cargo) should be in place latest at 10.00 am on day of departure. Other documentation to be carried as ship's mail is required 2 hours before departure.

Equipment & cargo handled

  • Palletized cargoes 
  • Paper in reels
  • Timber/lumber, sawn or logs 
  • Granite blocks
  • Big bags
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Long, heavy & "over dimensional" cargoes
  • Mounted/de-mounted units to be loaded units onto mafi
  • Containers (any size)
  • Steel in rods, bundles or sheets

Terminal services 

  • Own crane with lift capacity up to 55 tons
  • Easy and quick access to cranes with capacity up to 200 tons
  • Forklift with capacity up to 43 tons
  • Reachstackers
  • Rail tracks to/from inside of warehouse(s) 

Terminal access

  • Daily arrivals of railwagons directly into the port/warehouse(s)
  • 5 min from main road E22


  • Terminal surveillance by cameras
  • Night time terminal is swept by security service provider
  • Port authorities about to implement “gate in/out" control


  • Outdoor capacity of more than 100,000 sqm. Surface asphalt and gravel
  • Indoor capacity of 43,000 sqm

Special competences

  • Handling and storage of paper reels in dedicated warehouse(s) with dedicated equipment pool
  • Timber, sawn goods and pulp in any shape or form