Immingham (Seaways Terminal, Immingham)

DFDS Seaways sail from the Nordic Terminal in Immingham to Brevik, Cuxhaven, Esbjerg, Gothenburg & Rotterdam.

The DFDS Seaways Terminal at Immingham is situated on the South Bank of the River Humber in Central England. It offers ideal connections to the industrial heartlands of the UK and is the deepest port facility on the river.

The terminal at Immingham is subject to the following opening times:

Trailers Lift units Caravans/cars/mobile machines
Monday 00:00-24:00 06:00-20:00 07:00-19:00
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 06:00-20:00 07:00-19:00
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 06:00-20:00 07:00-19:00
Thursday  00:00-24:00 06:00-20:00 07:00-19:00
Friday 00:00-24:00 06:00-20:00 07:00-19:00
Saturday  00:00-24:00 06:00-18:00 -
Sunday 00:00-24:00 06:00-18:00 -

Please find our Terminal Tariff here

  • Cargo handling: Monday to Friday 07:00-19:00 and Weekends 07:00-12:00
  • For all units for import or export proceed to DFDS Seaways Terminal Riverside except lift units which are processed from DFDS Seaways Terminal Dockside.

Latest check-in times *Subject to change, please check prior to departure.

  • Units for Brevik
    • Wednesday sailing all cargoes - 22:00 Tuesday
    • Sunday sailing all non hazardous cargoes - 00:01 Sunday
    • Sunday sailing all hazardous 22:00 Saturday
  • Units for Cuxhaven and Esbjerg 
    • Driver accompanied, trailers - 2 hrs prior to departure
    • Lift units 3 hrs prior to departure 
    • IMO units - 3 hrs prior to departure 
    • Caravans, cars, machines - 4 hrs prior to departure
  • Units for Gothenburg
    • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday sailings 
    • Driver accompanied - 1 hr prior to departure - 02:00hrs 
    • Trailers - 2 hrs prior to departure - 02:00hrs
    • Lift units - 3 hrs prior to departure 
    • IMO units -  4 hrs prior to departure 
    • Caravans, cars, machines - 5 hrs prior to departure 
  • Saturday sailing
    • Driver accompanied 09:00 hrs
    • Trailers 07:00 hrs
    • Lift units 08:00 hrs
    • IMO units 07:00 hrs
    • Caravans, cars, machines - Not accepted on this sailing
  • Wednesday sailing
    • All non hazardous cargo 0100 hrs 
    • Wednesday All hazardous cargo 2200 hrs Tuesday
  • Sunday sailing
    • All cargo 2200 hrs Saturday
  • Units for Rotterdam
    • Driver accompanied, trailers - 1 hr prior to departure 
    • IMO units - 3 hrs prior to departure
    • Caravans, cars, machines - 4 hrs prior to departure
    • Reefers running on electric 1 hour prior to sailing
    • Reefers running on diesel 2 hours prior to sailing 

Note: All above deadlines are subject to schedule changes and terminal opening hours  

Waybill instructions:

Waybill instructions should be sent no later than 2 hours prior to sailing on the following email:

Immingham to Cuxhaven - imm-cuxbookings@dfds.com , Immingham to Esbjerg - imm-ebjbookings@dfds.com , Immingham to Gothenburg - imm-gotbookings@dfds.com , Immingham to Brevik - imm-norbookings@dfds.com , Immingham to Rotterdam - imm-rtmbookings@dfds.com  

Equipment handled

  • Paper in reel or palletized form
  • Steel in long bundles
  • Coil in many different forms, can be handled up to 30 tons in weight.
  • Trailers
  • Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo cargo
  • Project cargo
  • Forest cargo
  • Automotive cargo
  • Driver accompanied cargo
  • Machinery
  • Heavy project cargo

Terminal services

  • Forklift Trucks from 2,5 to 25 tons capacity
  • 100 tons mobile harbour crane
  • Multimodal crane for lifting steel
  • Overhead Gantry Cranes for handling up to 30 tons steel coils with magnetic pickups
  • Intermodal crane with telescopic beam attachment for plates
  • Lift unit movement from mafi or cassette to rail
  • Container stuffing and devanning for most industrial products incl. metals and chemicals

Terminal access

  • Two rail lines with regular connection to the UK industrial heartland
  • 1 km from dual carriage way straight on to motorway.


  • Video inspection system for gate control of units
  • Camera surveillance


  • Over 80,000 sqm of specially designed warehousing that allow heavy goods
  • Typical kinds of stored items: Paper, steel and forest-products.

Special competences

  • The DFDS utilization of Mafi and Cassette systems opens up the market place for companies trading in industrial quantities of base commodities across the network of DTL shipping routes.
  • Deep Sea Break Bulk vessels, discharging large quantities of internationally traded products at any of the DFDS Terminals, can benefit from the ability to move smaller quantities efficiently around the Group’s European network.
  • Ro-Ro deep sea facilities on riverside
A full range of services are available including Dockside running repairs Inspection and Servicing Full MOT preparation with testing carried out on site. Shunting within Immingham Dock