Brevik (North Sea Terminal, Brevik)

DFDS Seaways sail from the North Sea Terminal, Brevik to Gothenburg, Immingham and Ghent (Ro-Ro services).

North Sea Terminal is situated in Brevik on the west side of the Oslo fjord in the Telemark and Greenland-area about 160 km south of Norway’s capital, Oslo and 160 km north of Kristiansand and this central location makes it an obvious choice when transporting goods by sea to various destinations.

The terminal is also connected with the Norwegian national railroad system.

The terminal at Brevik is subject to the following timetable:

Terminal opening hours Lift units available
Monday 06:00-18:00 07:00-17:45
Tuesday 07:00-18:00 07:00-17:45
Wednesday 07:00-18:00 07:00-17:45
Thursday 07:00-00:30 07:00-17:45
Friday 07:00-18:00 07:00-17:45
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Latest check-in times

  • All units: 2 hours prior to departure 
  • IMO units: 2 hours prior to departure

Waybill instructions

Waybill instruction should be sent as soon as possible on email: and no later than 2 hours prior to sailing.

Documents carried by Ship’s mail

Ship’s mail should be turned in to / picked up at North Sea Terminal (Tel:+47 35 57 37 50, Fax:+47 35 57 37 59) and the deadline for ship’s mail 3 hours prior to sailing. 

Envelopes carried by ship’s mail should be properly addressed and clearly marked with unit number, booking number, vessel, port of destination and consignee.

Equipment handled

  • Trailers
  • Containers
  • Oil well equipment on mafis
  • Tractors
  • Cars
  • Offshore equipment

Terminal services 

  • Mobile crane up to 100 tons
  • 2 Ro-Ro and 2 Lo-Lo berths
  • Project handling
  • Agency
  • Stuffing, stripping and repair of containers
  • Inland transport

Access to the terminal

  • Rail connection with ability to reload direct on terminal and further on to ship
  • 5 km to motorway


  • Closed gate to the terminal area


  • Warehouse for storage on request

Special competences:

  • Great experience in handling cars and special equipment

The Terminal has an area of 65,000m2 with 2 Ro-Ro and 2 Lo-Lo berths. It is equipped to handle project cargo and all kind of unified cargo. Amongst services there are handling, Lo-Lo handling, Project Handling, Agency, special lifts up to 100 tons, stuffing, stripping, storage repair of containers and inland transport.