Online booking with DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways provides Infobridge to customers on their Baltic Sea and North Sea routes.


Save time and effort via InfoBridge with easy access to:

  • Simplified and efficient booking routines
  • Tracing of units
  • Relevant reports and invoices 24 hrs daily access

If you would like access to InfoBridge please contact a DFDS Seaways representative at the local offices.


To benefit from the recent InfoBridge upgrades please see below links providing detailed advise on the changes and the need of part of this to install Microsoft Silverlight.


InfoBridge user guide

See changes

Read Silverlight installation guide

Install Silverlight

 NFL BookingPortal

English Channel (former Norfolkline) booking portal

We hereby inform you that the booking portal has been closed. If you have any questions please contact either or