DFDS Seaways freight ferry shipping route


Amsterdam (IJmuiden) - Newcastle

On this route there are seven departures per week between Ijmuiden (near Amsterdam) and Newcastle in both directions with a crossing time of approximately 16.5 hours.

The cargo mix on this route is mainly trailers, machinery and self-drives. Our Ro-Pax vessels offer a high standard of accommodation.

Access from terminal. From Newcastle in Northern England there is easy access to the Scottish market and from IJmuiden (Amsterdam’s sea port), there are numerous infrastructure options to reach any where in Western Europe. 


Amsterdam - Newcastle v.v.

from Amsterdam
Arrival at
from Newcastle
at Amsterdam
Monday 17:30 Tuesday 09:00 Monday 17:00 Tuesday 09:30
Tuesday 17:30 Wednesday 09:00 Tuesday 17:00 Wednesday 09:30
Wednesday 17:30 Thursday 09:00 Wednesday 17:00 Thursday 09:30
Thursday 17:30 Friday 09:00 Thursday 17:00 Friday 09:30
Friday 17:30 Saturday 09:00 Friday 17:00 Saturday 09:30
Saturday 17:30 Sunday 09:00 Saturday 17:00 Sunday 09:30
Sunday 17:30 Monday 09:00 Sunday 17:00 Monday 09:30


Facilities on board

  • All cabins en suite, wherever possible single occupancy
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • 1 free drink
  • Shops
  • Restaurants and Café
  • Bars, entertainment and lounges


    Hazardous cargo

    Hazardous cargo can be booked up to 2 hours prior to departure subject to the stowage plan and booking situation. 

    Limited hazardous cargo with stowage category A can be accepted.    

    Abnormal loads

    • Units up to 27m in length with no overwidth can be accepted, but units over 27m or over 16m with an overwidth of over 4.30m can only be accepted subject to further investigation (drawings required).
    • For units exceeding 2.6min width additional freight will be charged for the full length of the vehicle at 10% per 30cm or part thereof. Vessel and Terminal restrictions will apply.
    • Units upto 4.30m width can be accepted, but units between 4.31 and 5.8m can only be accepted subject to further investigation (drawings required) and units over 5.80m cannot be accepted.
    • Units up to 4.45m high can be accepted, but units over 4.45 m high cannot be accepted.
    • The gross weight for selfdrives and trailers marked on each unit must not be exceeded. This must also conform to current government road/rail regulations. If this is found not to be so, discharge will be at Shipper's expense.
    • For selfdrive units up to 50 tons can be accepted (max. 12 ton per axle) and units between 50 - 160 tons can only be accepted subject to further investigation (drawings required). Units over 160 tons are too heavy and can not be accepted.
    • Trailer units upto 40 tons can be accepted (max. 10 ton per axle).