DFDS Seaways freight ferry shipping route 

Klaipeda - Karlshamn 

This route provides services between Lithuania and southern Sweden and is operated by two Ro-Pax vessels with daily sailings in each direction leaving Klaipeda at 21:00 and leaving Karlshamn at 19:00.

The cargo mix on this route includes all kinds of Ro-Ro cargo with the service being particularly well suited for driver-accompanied vehicles, and on this route DFDS Seaways has specific expertise in the handling of paper reels.

Access from terminal: From Karlshamn in Southern Sweden there is quick access to many important industrial centers and from Klaipeda (in Lithuania) there is easy access to the Southern and Central Baltic States as well as Russia.  


Starting as from the 26th of May 2015, the company's ferries operating on Klaipeda-Karlshamn route are serviced from the new Central Klaipeda Terminal (CKT). For more information on how to find the CKT, please click HERE or call +370 46 395033.


from Klaipeda
at Karlshamn
from Karlshamn
at Klaipeda

Monday 21:00

Tuesday 09:00 Monday 19:00 Tuesday 09:00
Tuesday 21:00 Wednesday 09:00 Tuesday 19:00 Wednesday 09:00
Wednesday 21:00 Thursday 09:00 Wednesday 19:00 Thursday 09:00
Thursday 21:00 Friday 09:00 Thursday 19:00 Friday 09:00
Friday 21:00 Saturday 09:00 Friday 19:00 Saturday 09:00
Saturday 21:00 Sunday 09:00 Saturday 19:00 Sunday 09:00
Sunday 21:00 Monday 09:00 Sunday 19:00 Monday 09:00

The route is served by ATHENA SEAWAYS and REGINA SEAWAYS.

Check-in time

General deadline/closing for check-in is always 2 hrs prior to departure

Hazardous cargo

Customers are required to contact local agency before shipment to make sure cargo can be handled in the port of Karlshamn / Klaipeda. Shipment of the IMO/IMDG classes is subject to prior approval from the line.

  • Latest booking time for hazardous cargo
    • 24 hours prior to departure
  • Latest presentation of Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) documents by Email/Fax
    • Karlshamn: 12.00 day of departure 
    • Klaipeda: 12.00 day of departure
  • Latest arrival time of unit
    • 3 hours before departure

Abnormal loads

  • For trailers longer than 14 metres,truck/trailers longer than 17 metres, containers/tank-containers/flats longer than 20', 30' or 40' additional rates are given on application.
  • For units exceeding 2.6 metres in width the following surcharges shall apply: (Excess width calculations must be done on total unit length.) Up to 2.60 m calculated as normal, 2.61 - 3.00 m  + 50% on sea freight, 3.01 - 3.50 m + 75% on sea freight, 3.51m and over + 100% on sea freight. 
  • For loads of abnormal height please contact your agent for maximum height information.
  • The gross weight for selfdrives/trailers/flats/containers marked on each unit must not be exceeded. This must also conform to current government road/rail regulations. If this is found not to be so, discharge will be at Shipper's expense.
  • Shipment of units exceeding 40 tons of weight is subject to prior approval and additional rates are given on application.